Palawan Pawnshop

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Our Customer’s Choice Package (CCP)  launched in 2007 achieved a significant benchmark and started a new trend in the pawnbroking.
      Why is our CCP better? Here’s why:
                1. Interest rate is computed at 11-day intervals  while competitors  compute interest monthly. Thus customers will only pay 1% for a loan of 11 days; 2% for 22 days; and 3% for 33 days. In short, customers  only pay for what they use.
               2. One month for PPS customers means 33 days, resulting in 3 days extension and consequent savings for customers.
               3. Computed on a per annum basis using the CCP rate, customers only pay interest for 11 months in one year.
                4. While interest rates are lowest in the industry, small and big loans are accepted at high appraisal rates.
     True to our word, Palawan Express Pera Padala(PEPP) is the quickest and cheapest way of sending money. Customers from all over our areas of operations attest to this. They appreciate our practice of texting the sender once the remittance has been sent, texting the receiver that the said remittance is ready for release and texting the sender for a second time thatt the remittance has been claimed by the receiver.
        With 0ver 800 PPS branches and 772 agents and partners, PPS EPP  has now a network of over 1500 outlets making it one of the leading money remittance companies in the Philippines.
         With the tie up with LBC, the only global Filipino company that offers cargo and courier, money remittance and business solutions to Filipino families and business entities for more than 60 years now, on August 19, 2012, the PPS EPP-LBC remittance network will be the biggest in the country.