ATIN ITO, Newest International Remittance Partner

Sending money to your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines made easier as Palawan Express Pera Padala partnered with ATIN ITO Variety Bakery and Remittance Ltd., with remittances originating from Canada.

Effective since February 25, all Palawan Pawnshop- Palawan Express Pera Padala branches and agents are accepting payout for ATIN ITO, an international courier delivery and money remittance company in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1993 as a general store offering authentic Filipino delicacies for Filipino migrants, the company diversified its services and became a popular one-stop shop for Filipinos in the City of Toronto.

Claim your transaction now at any Palawan Pawnshop branches, and a five-peso rebate per transaction awaits every Suki cardholder.