Jewelry Midyear Sale Promo

WWhat is the promo about?

The promo dubbed as “Jewelry Mid-Year Sale Promo”  entitles the customer/buyer to avail discount on jewelry for sale displayed items, a subject to the terms stipulated hereunder.


2.     Participating branch?

Jewelry Mid-Year Sale Promo is valid only in Palawan Pawnshop branches with jewelry display located at locations attached herein.


3.     How to avail promo?

Promo is valid for Cash Sales and Bili-Sangla Scheme* transactions. All transactions both cash and bili-sangla can avail up to 20% discount based on Jewelry Tag Price provided with the following conditions:




Cash/Bili Sangla*

ALL White Tags

15% OFF

Cash/Bili Sangla*

ALL Yellow Tags

20% OFF

Bili Sangla Scheme is offered to a customer who is interested to buy rematado jewelry items on display but has no enough cash to acquire them. 


4.     Promo Duration

The promo will run for thirty (30) days from May 27 to June 25, 2019, as indicated in the promo announcements.


5.     Promo Announcement

Announcements/collateral bearing the important promo details will be posted in the branch authorized to conduct the promo, as per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9739 Series of 2019.