Palawan Pawnshop's Bili-Sangla Discount Promo 2018


May 10, 2021

Bili Sangla Promo_3ft x 2ft




1.   What is the promo about?

The promo dubbed as “Bili-SanglaDiscount” entitles the customer/buyer to avail discount on jewelry for saledisplayed items, a subject to the terms stipulated hereunder.


2.   Participating branch?

Selected Palawan Pawnshop branches nationwide.


3.   How to avail promo

Promo is valid for Bili-Sangla Scheme* only. Alltransactions in this scheme can avail 5% discount based on Jewelry Tag Price.Buying on cash will be sold at regular tag price.

*Bili Sangla Schemeis offered to a customer who is interested to buy Rematado Jewelry items ondisplay but has no enough cash to acquire them.

a.    Palawan PawnshopSuki Cardholders may pay at least 8% of thetag price of the item plus an advance interest of 1% and service charge ofP5.00.

b.    Non Suki Cardholders may pay at least 20% of the tag price ofthe item plus an advance interest of 1% and service charge of P5.00.


4.   Limitations

PPS Associate is not allowed to joinon the promo discount. Associates’ relatives can join in the promo but shallobserve the ‘NO Reservation Policy’, all items must be on display.


5.   Promo Duration

The promo will run from August 16 to 31,2018, as indicated in the promo announcements.


6.   Promo Announcement

Announcements/collateral bearing theimportant promo details will be posted in the branch authorized to conduct thepromo, as per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9616 Series of 2018.