Search for 10 Outstanding Kasambahay

The Junior Chamber International Senate Philippines (JCISP), Inc., under 2018 national president Cocoy Enriquez, in partnership with Palawan Pawnshop- Palawan Express Pera Padala led by president and CEO Bobby Castro, recently launched the 2018 nationwide search for 10 outstanding domestic helpers as part of its Kasambahay, Kasambuhay Pilipinas Awards, which is now on its third year.

The 2018 search gives each winner a cash reward of 75,000. Cash prizes are provided by Palawan pawnshop and its domestic money remittance arm, Palawan Express Pera Padala.

JCI Senate Philippines’ annual search promotes Filipino values, loyalty and industry among household helps, specifically nannies, cooks, servants, family drivers, laundry women, gardeners and utility persons. Among them, those who have served their current employer for at least seven years may be nominated.

“The purpose of this search is to recognize our beloved household help that contributes to making our lives and daily tasks easier,” said Mike Bulaong, JCI Senate Philippines’ senator and national chairman.

Every year, hundreds of domestic helpers join the search. Fifteen deserving kasambahay have already been recognized since 2016.

Nomination forms are available at JCI Senate Philippines headquarters in Quezon City and Palawan Pawnshop- Palawan Express Pera Padala branches. A completed nomination form bears the kasambahay’s testimony of experience. These are submitted alongside other requirements where the nomination form was acquired. Forms may also be downloaded from the official Kasambahay, Kasambuhay Pilipinas Awards Facebook page.

From inception, Palawan Pawnshop- Palawan Express Pera Padala has served as close partnerof JCI Philippines Senate in mounting the Kasambuhay, Kasambuhay Pilipinas Awards.


As published in Philippine Star