List of Member Banks

  Bank Name Valid Destination(Types of Account)
1 All Bank Savings and Checking
2 Asia United Bank Regular CASA, ATM, and Cash Card
3 Banco Dipolog ATM, Savings
4 BDO Unibank, Inc. All active PHP CASA, Cash Cards and Corporate Accounts are restricted
5 Bangko Mabuhay All Accounts
6 Bank of Commerce Savings and Checkings
7 Bank of the Phil. Islands NOT accepting transactions having scenarios below:
  1. Deceased party.
  2. SBA accounts (Merchant / Bills Payment).
  3. No interbranch allowed.
  4. AML Frozen account.
  5. Time deposit accounts.
8 BPI Direct BanKo Inc. Any Valid Account
9 CARD Bank, Inc. Savings
10 China Banking Corporation Current Account and Savings Account, Passbook, and Cash Cards
11 China Bank Savings, Inc. All Accounts
12 Citibank, N.A. Savings and Checking
13 City Savings Bank Savings,Checkings,Passbook, and CashCards
14 Citystate Savings Bank Savings,Checkings,Passbook, and CashCards
15 CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corporation Savings and Checkings
16 Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) Savings and Checkings
17 Dumaguete City Development Bank, Inc. Savings,Checkings,Passbook, and CashCards
18 Dungganon Bank Regular Savings and ATM
19 East West Banking Corporation Savings,Checkings, and Passbook
20 East West Rural Bank Savings,Checkings, and Passbook
21 Entrepreneur Bank All Accounts
22 Enterprise Bank Savings
23 Equicom Savings Bank, Inc. Debit Card and Passbook only
24 G-Xchange, Inc. (Globe Telecom / GCASH)  
25 HSBC Savings and Checkings
26 HSBC Savings Bank Savings and Checkings
27 ISLA Bank  
28 Katipunan Bank All Accounts
29 Korea Exchange Bank All Accounts
30 Land Bank of the Philippines Savings and Checking (except payroll accounts and passbook only accounts)
31 Legazpi Savings Bank Savings Account
32 Luzon Development Bank All accounts
33 Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc. Savings and Checking
34 Mass-Specc Savings Account
35 Maybank Philippines, Inc. Savings, Checking, Passbook, and Cash Cards
36 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (METROBANK) All ATM Accounts
37 Nationlink Savings
38 Omnipay, Inc.  
39 Overseas Filipino Bank Savings,Checking, and Passbook
40 Pacific Ace Savings Bank Current Account (CA) and Savings Account (SA)
41 Partner Rural Bank (Cotabato), Inc. Savings and Checking
42 PayMaya Philippines, Inc. E-Money Account
43 Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM) Savings and Checking
44 Philippine Business Bank Savings and Checking
45 Philippine National Bank Savings, Checking, Passbook, and Cash Cards
46 Philippine Veterans Bank Current Account (CA) and Savings Account (SA); except SA-Pensioner and DSWD accounts
47 7Philippine Trust Company (PHILTRUST Bank) All ATM Accounts
48 Plan Bank All SA Account
49 PNB Savings Bank Savings, Checking, Passbook, and Cash Cards
50 PR Savings Bank All Savings ,Checking, and ATM accounts
51 Producers Bank SA (ATM account)
52 Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) Savings , Current, and Prepaid Accounts
53 Quezon Capital Rural Bank (QCRB) Savings
54 Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) Savings, Checking, Passbook, and Cash cards (local and international)
55 RCBC Savings Bank Savings,Checking, and Prepaid (My Wallet)
56 Robinsons Bank Corporation Savings, Checking, Passbook, and Cash cards
57 Security Bank Savings, Checking, Passbook, Cash Cards, and Prepaid Cards
58 Sterling Bank All Accounts
59 Sun Savings Bank All Accounts
60 Tiaong Rural Bank Savings and Checking
61 United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) All Accounts
62 UCPB Savings Bank All Accounts
63 Union Bank of the Philippines Savings, Checking, Passbook, and Cash Cards
64 Wealth Bank Savings, Checking, and Passbook
65 Yuanta Savings Bank Philippines, Inc. Savings and Checking

How to Send Money to Your Bank Account

  1. Visit any Palawan Pawnshop branch.
  2. Fill out the Padala to Bank Account Form.
  3. Provide all the necessary details. (Note to counter check your target account details- Bank, Account Name, Type of Account, Account No. and amount)
  4. Pay the amount due for both the Principal Amount and Service fee.
  5. A copy of your Padala to Bank form will be provided as proof of transaction.

Terms and Conditions

  1. DEFINITION. Palawan Express Pera Padala is a money remittance service operated by the Palawan Pawnshop Group (PPG) through Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc., Palawan Pawnshop, Inc., Paragua Pawnshop and Financial Services, VG Star Pawnshop & Jewelry Corporation and PPS-PEPP Financial Services Corporation. PEPP is available in all Palawan Pawnshop Group (PPG)* branches and authorized PEPP agents (PEPP locations).
  2. COMPLIANCE WITH ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING and TERRORISM FINANCING PREVENTION (AML-TFP) RULES. All parties and transactions under PEPP are subject to Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Prevention (AML-TFP) laws and PEPP policies, including Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. As part of KYC, customers with relevant business transactions are required to fill out a Customer Information Sheet (CIS) and present a valid ID. A picture of the customer and his/her ID shall also be taken. Questions and additional documents may be requested from customers in compliance with KYC rules. PPG or PEPP agents and their employees reserve the right to refuse to accept, process, or pay out any remittance which in their sole discretion, may be in violation of AML-TFP laws, rules, or regulations, or other applicable laws. They shall not be liable for refusal of this nature.
  3. AVAILABILITY OF REMITTANCE SERVICES. Remittance services are available at any PEPP location nationwide during their respective business hours, subject to closure of the selected location with or without prior notice, its communications facility, its connectivity to the PEPP system, and other conditions including but not limited to power and telecommunications failure, computer or gadgets failure, inclement weather, and the like.
  4. SEND. The Sender, after complying with AML-TFP and KYC requirements and completely filling out the Send Form, may send a cash remittance in any Philippine peso denomination, at a maximum of FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (50,000) per remittance transaction, in any PEPP location nationwide upon payment of the requisite remittance fees. Remittance rates are posted at the sending PEPP location and may change without prior notice. The Sender shall keep his/her Send Money Forms for personal record purposes.
  5. RECEIVE. The Receiver, after complying with AML-TFP and KYC requirements and completely filling out the Receive Form, may claim a cash remittance in Philippine pesos without paying any fees. The Receiver shall keep his/her Receive Money Forms for personal record purposes.
  6. CONTRACT. The Send Money Form represents the remittance agreement between PEPP and the Sender, and does not extend to the Receiver. The Receiver does not have an independent right to demand the release of the remittance. All customers understand that PEPP only provides the facility to transfer money from the Sender to the Receiver, and is not party to any underlying agreement or transaction, online or otherwise, between the Sender and the Receiver. It has no responsibility and shall not be liable for any goods or services related to such underlying agreement or transaction. The Sender attests that he/she knows the Receiver to whom the remittance is sent, and that any underlying agreement or transaction is valid and legal.
  7. AUTHORIZATION. If the sender or receiver has appointed an authorized representative to process the remittance, the PEPP rules on acceptance of authorizations shall apply.
  8. ADDITIONAL SERVICES. It is the sole responsibility of the Sender to inform the Receiver of an incoming remittance and the requirements to claim. However, PEPP also sends notice of transaction to the Sender and the Receiver as an additional service.
  9. LIABILITY. In no event shall Palawan Pawnshop or any PEPP agent be liable for damages for delay, nonpayment or underpayment of this remittance, whether caused by negligence on the part of its employees or agents or otherwise, beyond the sum equivalent to FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (5,000), in addition to refunding the principal amount of the remittance and the remittance fee. In no event will Palawan Pawnshop or any PEPP agent be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages beyond the aforementioned amount.
  10. CANCELLATION. Should the Sender decide to cancel the remittance before the same is released, he is required to submit a signed PEPP Request for Cancellation form within THIRTY (30) calendar days from the date of original remittance. Only the principal remittance amount shall be returned.
  11. CHANGES. Changes to the original entries of the remittance may be made upon request of the Sender and payment of additional charges, if any. Should the change be made by the Sender in a PEPP location other than where the remittance was originally made, the Sender must present the valid ID which he presented in the original sending PEPP location together with the duplicate copy of his Send Money Form.
  12. UNCLAIMED REMITTANCES. All remittances unclaimed after THIRTY (30) calendar days are subject to a handling fee of 30 or 1% of the principal amount, per month, whichever is higher.
  13. CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Complaints regarding this remittance must be submitted in writing and received by any PEPP location or emailed to within fifteen (15) calendar days from date of remittance. Any complaint after said period shall no longer be accommodated. For transactions reported by the Sender as fraudulent, requests for information by the Sender shall be evaluated by management and processed only upon submission of pertinent documents. All other requests for information by persons other than the Sender, shall be evaluated by management on a case-to-case basis in compliance with Data Privacy requirements.
  14. DATA PRIVACY. The Sender/Receiver allows the Palawan Pawnshop Group* to: (a) collect and process his personal information for the PEPP transaction; and (b) disclose his personal information to PPG’s affiliates and to the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas, as may be necessary. The Sender/Receiver further acknowledge that PEPP and its agents treat as confidential all information related to its customers.The Sender/Receiver understands that the specific terms and conditions governing the collection and processing of his personal information are provided in the Data Privacy Policy in the Palawan Pawnshop website ( and he has read the same before signing this PEPP form.
  15. VENUE OF LITIGATION. All claims or suits regarding this transaction shall be filed in the courts of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan only, to the exclusion of all other courts.