Money Changer

To expand our Foreign Exchange services and accommodate more customers' needs,
Palawan Pawnshop-Palawan Express Pera Padala is now offering selling of foreign bank
notes to customers thru reservation ONLY.

We offer "Abot Kayang" selling rate for the following currencies:

  • US Dollar
  • Japan Yen
  • Euro
  • Hongkong Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar

Inquire at our branches:

Chinese Yuan Canadian Dollar
Australian Dollar Korean Won
Saudi Riyal UAE Dirham
British Pounds Thailand Baht
New Taiwan Dollar New Zealand Dollar
Qatar Riyal Swiss franc
Malaysian Ringgit Bruenei Dollar
Bahrain Dinar Kuwait Dinar

Reservation of currencies may vary depending on the availability in the areas.

All Palawan Pawnshop branches are accepting the following foreign currencies for exchange to Philippine Peso

US Dollar Japan Yen Euro
Pounds Hongkong Dollar Swiss Franc
Australian Dollar Malaysian Ringgit Saudi Riyal
Thailand Baht New Taiwan Kuwait Dinar
Bahrain Dinar
UAE Dirham Qatari Riyal
China Yuan
Korean Won
New Zealand Dollar

*Note that exchange rates are not the same for all our branches

How to purchase foreign banknotes at Palawan Pawnshop:

1) You may go to any Palawan Pawnshop branches.

2) Inquire about your preferred banknotes at the branch. Fill-out the reservation form and wait for our officer to call about the details.
Note: All transactions will be made through a reservation. A down payment of Php 1000 must be given in order for the transaction to push through.

3) Fill-out the Money Changer Selling ticket and provide your complete name, address, contact number and other required details.

4) Pay your remaining balance for your reservation at the branch for pick-up and get your reserved foreign banknotes.

5) For customers who failed to complete their payment and claim the foreign banknotes within 3 days after the agreed date, transaction will be considered as cancelled. The down payment is non-refundable.

How to Send Money

How to Change your Forex

1) Go to any Palawan Pawnshop branch.

2) Present your foreign currency bill to our branch associate for checking. Security features of the bill will be checked to validate the bill.

3) Fill-out the Money Changer ticket that will require you to provide your complete name, address, contact number and other necessary details.

4) You will receive the Philippine Peso equivalent of the currency.

Our branches may refuse to change your foreign currency bill depending on the condition of the bill which may have written marks and folds among others.

Terms and Conditions

1. Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator) Inc., Palawan Pawnshop Inc., Paragua Pawnshop and Financial Services, Inc., and VG Star Pawnshop and Jewelry Corporation. PPMC is available in selected PPG branches.

2. COMPLIANCE WITH ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING and TERRORISM FINANCING PREVENTION (AML-TFP) RULES. All parties and transactions under PPMC are subject to AML-TFP laws and PPMC policies, including Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. As part of KYC, customers with relevant business transactions are required to fill out a Customer Information Sheet (CIS) and present a valid ID. A picture of the customer and his/her ID shall also be taken. Questions and additional documents may be requested from customers in compliance with KYC rules. PPG and its employees reserve the right to refuse to accept any foreign exchange transaction which in their sole discretion, may be in violation of AML-TFP laws, rules, or regulations, or other applicable laws. They shall not be liable for refusal of this nature.

3. FACE TO FACE TRANSACTIONS. Money changing transactions may only be done face to face and over the counter at regular business hours only at selected PPG locations all over the Philippines (unless there is closure of a PPG location with or without prior notice), subject to power and telecommunications failure, computer, gadgets, and connectivity failure, and inclement weather, and the like.

4. FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES AND COMPUTATION. The foreign exchange rates applicable for the day may change without prior notice. Customers should understand, consent to, and check the foreign exchange computation at the counter before the PPG personnel gives the equivalent amount in pesos.

5. RIGHT TO EXAMINE BANK NOTES. The customer allows PPG personnel to check the validity and authenticity of the bank notes. Only bank notes which, in the PPG personnel’s sole discretion, are acceptable and not demonetized will be considered for exchange. PPG reserves the right to refuse a foreign exchange transaction when, in its sole discretion, it determines that the bill is not acceptable or demonetized. PPG and its employees shall not be liable for refusal of this nature.

6. RIGHT TO CONFISCATE FAKE BANK NOTES. The Palawan Pawnshop Group (PPG) and its employees have the right to confiscate any foreign bank notes which its employees, in good faith, suspect to be counterfeit, for submission to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Currency Issue and Integrity Office (CIIO). Customer details and the details of the transaction will be recorded for use in any investigation or reports which may be required. PPG and its employees will not return any suspected counterfeit foreign bank notes until the same is cleared by the BSP CIIO. PPG and its employees shall not be liable for confiscation under this PPMC policy. If the BSP CIIO certifies that the foreign bank notes are counterfeit, the same shall be destroyed and the customer who presented it for exchange shall bear the loss. If the BSP CIIO certifies that the foreign bank notes are legal and valid, PPG shall retain the subject foreign bank notes and give the equivalent amount in Philippine pesos to the customer, using the exchange rate on the date of confiscation or the date of actual exchange, which ever is higher. No interest shall be given in this case.

7. CANCELLATION. Once the PPG personnel has given the equivalent amount in peso and the customer’s Money Changing (MC) Acknowledgment Receipt, the foreign exchange transaction may no longer be cancelled. Should a customer who exchanged foreign bank notes to Philippine pesos wish to exchange his/her Philippine pesos to foreign bank notes, he/she may have a separate foreign exchange transaction using PPMC’s applicable foreign exchange rate from Philippine pesos to the subject foreign currency on that date. A foreign exchange transaction where the foreign bank note/s is/are confiscated because it is suspected to be counterfeit, may not be cancelled.

8. CHECKING OF AMOUNTS GIVEN. Customers are responsible for checking the amount of pesos given to them in relation to the foreign exchange computation at the counter upon receipt of the money. The moment they leave the premises of the PPMC location without any complaint, they acknowledge that the amounts given and the foreign exchange computation are correct.

9. TRANSACTIONS ABOVE P500,000. For foreign exchange transactions which exceed the equivalent of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (PHP500,000.00) in one day, the payment will be made as bank to bank transaction. ( or check)

10. LIABILITY. In no event shall Palawan Pawnshop be liable for damages, whether caused by negligence on the part of its employees or otherwise, beyond the sum equivalent to the Philippine Peso equivalent of the bank notes exchanged, using the exchange rate on the date of exchange. In no event will Palawan Pawnshop be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages beyond the aforementioned amount.

11. CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Complaints regarding this foreign exchange transaction, other than those related to item 8 above, must be submitted in writing and received by any Palawan Pawnshop branch or emailed to within fifteen (15) calendar days from date of exchange. Any complaint after said period shall no longer be accommodated.

12. DATA PRIVACY. The foreign exchange client allows the Palawan Pawnshop Group* to: (a) collect and process his personal information for the PPMC transaction; and (b) disclose his personal information to PPG affiliates and to the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas, as may be necessary. The foreign exchange client understands that the specific terms and conditions governing the collection and processing of his personal information are provided in the Data Privacy Policy in the Palawan Pawnshop website ( and he has read the same before signing this PPMC form.

13. VENUE OF LITIGATION. All claims or suits regarding this transaction shall be filed in the courts of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan only, to the exclusion of all other courts.