Advocacy • 09-28-2020

One of Palawan Pawnshop’s mission is to give back to the community part of its blessings in the practice of its corporate social responsibility with emphasis on education, sports development and environmental protection.


Palawan Pawnshop values education and so as it expands in Visayas in 1998, it also started its Palawan Pawnshop Scholarship Program with its first batch of scholars which to date produced engineers, accountants and many are also working as officers and staff in the company. The scholarship program started with Palawan State University enrollees and extended to Western Philippine University.

One of the main recipients of annual outreach program of Palawan Pawnshop provincial/ regional offices are donations to local schools which includes stage, bathroom or library.

Sports Development

Palawan Pawnshop sponsors national/regional tennis league, and UP Maroons Basketball Team, both Men and Women. The company has been hosting a marathon, Palawan Express Marathon since 2016, annually in Puerto Princesa and once in General Santos City. Proceeds of marathon goes to environmental advocates/ organization which includes marine protection, coastal clean-up, etc.


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Environmental Protection

Established in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Pawnshop takes pride in participating in environmental protection project like tree planting and coastal clean-up in all its provincial/regional offices in the country.


Palawan Pawnshop also donated genset to Red Cross, adopt a hospital ward in Ospital ng Palawan and regularly hosts blood-letting in provincial/regional offices across the country.


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