Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much is your appraisal rate?

    The appraised value of an item depends on its karat, weight and appearance, thus we cannot give you a rate online. You may bring your gold jewelry item to any Palawan Pawnshop branch nearest you for the exact value. Appraisal is free of charge.

  • Does Palawan Pawnshop accept mobile phones, laptops or any gadgets as pawn?

    No, Palawan Pawnshop only accepts gold jewelry items as collateral for a loan.

  • Can we pay for the interest of our pawn in another Palawan Pawnshop branch?

    Yes, you may renew your pawn at any Palawan Pawnshop branch nationwide with a corresponding fee of P15.

  • Can I ask a representative to renew or redeem my pawn?

    Yes. To ask a representative to renew or redeem a pawn, please ensure that the pawner has filled-out and signed the required field at the back of the pawn ticket. The representative should present his/her valid ID and the pawner’s valid ID along with the signed pawn ticket.

  • What should I do if I lost my pawn ticket?

    The pawn ticket is needed when you renew or redeem your pawn. If lost, you will be asked to provide an Affidavit of Loss upon renewing or redeeming your item. Affidavit of Loss is available at any of our branches for P30.00. You must bring an ID as proof that you are the pawner.


  • Can I claim a remittance without an ID?

    No. Receiver of a remittance is required to present a valid ID so as to ensure that the transaction is released to the right person.

  • Do I need to provide all the details of the remittance to claim it?

    Yes. Receiver should provide the following details of the remittance; Transaction Code, Sender’s Name and Contact Number and the amount sent.

  • Is there any way that I can verify the status of the remittance?

    You will receive a text notification once the remittance is ready for pick-up given that the sender indicated the mobile numbers of both sender and receiver in the transaction.

  • Can I ask someone to claim a remittance on my behalf?

    The indicated receiver of the transaction is the only one who may claim the remittance. In the event that the receiver cannot personally get it from the branch, the sender must resubmit the Send Money Form at the branch where the remittance was made.

  • Can I still claim my remittance a week after it was sent?

    Yes. Your remittance can be claimed within a year after it was sent but please note that all remittances unclaimed after thirty (30) calendar days are subject to a handling fee of P30 or 1% of the principal amount, per month, whichever is higher.

Suki Cards

  • What can I get from having a Palawan Pawnshop Suki Card?

    Palawan Pawnshop Suki Card will grant you privileges for instant discounts and rebates per transaction. You may also use the card as ID when claiming remittances with amount of P5,000 or below in all Palawan Pawnshop branches and selected remittance agents. Soon, every use of the card will give you corresponding Suki points.

  • What are the requirements to apply for a card?

    To apply for a Suki Card, myWallet or RCBC Savings Card, just fill-out the form available at all Palawan Pawnshop branches, present a valid ID and pay for the corresponding fee for each card; P50 for regular Suki Card and RCBC Savings Card and P100 for myWallet card.

  • Is myWallet card the same as the Suki Card?

    For its Suki Card features, yes, but aside from being a Suki Card, the myWallet card is also a remittance card, ATM Card and VISA Card in one. Your Palawan Express remittance can be sent directly to the card and be withdrawn from any BancNet ATM or be used as payment to purchase online or at any POS-enabled store.

    RCBC Savings Card is similar to myWallet card, only without the VISA feature.

  • Can I load the myWallet card from the bank or other establishments with RCBC myWallet card?

    No. Palawan Pawnshop myWallet card can only be loaded through Palawan Express remittance transactions.

    But all other RCBC myWallet cards released by other companies can be loaded through Palawan Express.

  • Can I use my enrolled myWallet card in PayPal?

    Yes. The myWallet card is issued to Palawan Pawnshop. Once you avail the card, it will be transferred under your name, which normally takes 2 to 3 weeks from the date of your purchase, after which, you can enroll your myWallet card to PayPal.