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Andre Paras, Newest Funtasya sa Palawan

As the new TV commercial of Palawan PawnshopPalawan Express Pera Padala was launch on Monday, May 28, 2018, its newestbranch ambassador was finally revealed after several teasers circulated theinternet days prior to the advertisement blitz happened

Search for 10 Outstanding Kasambahay

The Junior Chamber International Senate Philippines (JCISP), Inc., under 2018 national president Cocoy Enriquez, in partnership with Palawan Pawnshop- Palawan Express Pera Padala led by president and CEO Bobby Castro, recently launched the 2018 nationwide search for 10 outstanding domestic helpers as part of its Kasambahay, Kasambuhay Pilipinas Awards, which is now on its third year.

Palawan Express Marathon 2018, Successful with 1,500 runners!

One thousand five hundred marathon enthusiast, including foreign runners joined Palawan Express Marathon on June 17, 2018 which for its 3rd year was held as part of the celebration of Baragatan Festival, Palawan’s most anticipated festival in commemoration of the province’s civil founding anniversary.

Palawan Pawnshop on its 33rd Anniversary

On its 33rd anniversary, Palawan Pawnshop gave thanks through a simple celebration on August 17, 2018, which started with a special mass in Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral attended by President and Chief Executive Officer Bobby L. Castro, Vice President and Co-founder Angelita M. Castro and the entire board of directors together with hundreds of associates including Head Office top management.

Uniteller, Newest International Remittance Partner

Adding to the growing number of Palawan Express - International Remittance Partners is the Uniteller Filipino, Inc., with remittances originating from United States (including Hawaii, Guam and Saipan), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, South America, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.